Personalized AI assistants are conquering the consumer AI space, but what do they mean for businesses?

Personalized AI assistants are conquering the consumer AI space, but what do they mean for businesses?

GPTs and the GPT Store — Paving the Way for Personalized AI in Business

Published on January 15th, 2024

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Back in November, OpenAI pushed the bounds of the AI landscape with the launch of shareable, customizable versions of ChatGPT — aptly called GPTs by OpenAI. Tailored for individual user needs, OpenAI is now making GPTs more accessible through their newly launched GPT Store, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of generative AI tools towards greater adaptability and user-friendliness. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about GPTs, the GPT Store, and how they apply to your business.

OpenAI GPTs: Personalized AI for the Masses

With GPTs, creators can tailor custom AI assistants to specific use cases by providing specialized instructions and a unique knowledge base for information retrieval. These personalized AIs can make use of various external tools through third-party APIs, enhancing their capabilities beyond ChatGPT’s base features, such as browsing, data analytics, and image generation through DALL·E.

The GPT Store, their newly launched app store for AI assistants, allows users to share their custom GPTs publicly to a global audience. With it, Open AI also introduces a revenue-sharing model for GPT creators, currently only available in the United States, encouraging the development of more specialized and diverse GPTs.

Empowering Businesses with Advanced AI Workflows

A fundamental technology driving GPTs’ knowledge retrieval feature is retrieval augmented generation (RAG). RAG streamlines searches and interactions with internal documents contained in a knowledge base, allowing users to intuitively and effortlessly ask questions and gain insights into large amounts of documents. This advanced AI workflow is becoming a valuable asset for businesses seeking to improve their internal processes and knowledge management. To learn more about RAG, check out our article on the topic.

Using GPTs in Business — Potential Risks and Concerns

Despite their advantages, GPTs present certain risks for businesses that cannot be ignored as part of your AI strategy. These include:

  • Data Privacy Concerns: Documents and data have to be shared with OpenAI, potentially leading to privacy and data security issues.
  • Risk of Data Leaks: There have already been documented instances of documents or instructions leaking from GPTs, posing a threat to confidential information.
  • External API Risks: Data is sent to third-party APIs through GPT tools that may be susceptible to security vulnerabilities or provided by bad actors.
  • Consumer Focus: GPTs are primarily designed for consumer use and are not tailored to business environments.
  • Revenue Share Model Concerns: The current model for sharing revenue with creators may encourage the creation of GPTs that prolong user interaction, instead of more effective and to-the-point assistants.
  • Data Usage for Training: Unless on the newly announced Team or Enterprise plan, interactions with GPTs are sent to OpenAI and are used to improve their models.

Our Solution: Tailored AI for Business Needs

At Omnifact, we've crafted a solution that combines the advantages of custom generative AI assistants with rigorous privacy and security. Omnifact Spaces enables you to easily create customized AI assistants that have access to a secure and private knowledge base, providing a ready-to-use RAG experience on your business’ confidential and internal documents. Tailored to business’ needs, Spaces will enable countless corporate AI use-cases, including specialized AI assistants for employee handbooks and company guidelines, internal documentation, and governing laws & regulations.

A New Direction in Business AI

Custom AI assistants like OpenAI's GPTs offer immense potential, but their privacy and security risks limit their business viability. Omnifact Spaces focuses on creating secure, privacy-aware AI workspaces and AI assistants. Our mission is to not only offer the benefits of generative AI but to do so without compromising data security and privacy, catering to the critical needs of forward-thinking businesses.

OpenAI’s GPTs and the GPT Store are a remarkable step into the right direction for generative AI, but with more specialized and business-centric solutions on the horizon, the AI landscape continues to reinvent itself. Get started today with Omnifact and see how Spaces can transform your business AI workflows.

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