Release Notes

Last updated on July 1st, 2024

June 2024

🎉 New Features: Addition of predefined icons for Spaces.
🎉 New Features: Added Space Inspirations to Space creation.
🤖 AI Models: Adds Mistral Large and Codestral models.
🤖 AI Models: Adds Claude 3.5 Sonnet.
🛠️ Improvements: Stability and performance enhancements.
🛠️ Improvements: Improved UX for Space creation and settings.

May 2024

🎉 New Features: Added Knowledge Base for Spaces.
🤖 AI Models: Introducing GPT-4o.
🤖 AI Models: Support for Gemini 1.5 Pro and Flash.
🛠️ Improvements: Improved UX for Spaces, chats, settings.

April 2024

🎉 New Features: Enabling or disabling masking now available.
🛠️ Improvements: Informational banners and updates to UI styling.
🛠️ Improvements: Improved Markdown pasting functionality.

March 2024

🤖 AI Models: Introduction of Anthropic Claude 3 family models.
🎉 New Features: Launch of Omnifact Spaces.
🛠️ Improvements: Enhanced user experience in dark/light mode.

February 2024

🎉 New Features: Click to Reveal now available.
🛠️ Improvements: Enhanced mobile responsiveness for tooltips, with a special fix for iOS devices.
🛠️ Improvements: Pasted content is now automatically converted to Markdown.

January 2024

🛠️ Improvements: Improved performance for privacy filter.
🛠️ Improvements: Chat UI now smoother with virtual scrolling.
🛠️ Improvements: Full support for tables within messages and assistant responses.

December 2023

🤖 AI Models: Added Mistral AI provider and its models.
🛠️ Improvements: Improved chat details and formatting.

November 2023

🤖 AI Models: OpenAI GPT4-Turbo is now part of our family.
🎉 New Features: Introduction of Teams.
🛠️ Improvements: Mobile menu and responsiveness optimization.

October 2023

🎉 New Features: Deployed privacy filter including message masking.
🛠️ Improvements: Expanded chat message functionalities including message editing.
🛠️ Improvements: System prompt now delivers information more tailored to the user.

September 2023

🎂 Welcoming the initial release of Omnifact Chat! 🚀

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