A new team plan for ChatGPT has arrived – make sure it’s enhancing your business, not exposing it.

A new team plan for ChatGPT has arrived – make sure it’s enhancing your business, not exposing it.

ChatGPT Gets a Team Plan — What It Is and What It Means for Your Business

Published on January 10th, 2024

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Today, OpenAI announced a new addition to its ChatGPT lineup – the Team plan, extending its reach into business-oriented AI solutions. While it's heartening to see the tech giant finally tune into the needs of unified billing and team management, something businesses have longed for, this new offering inherits the privacy concerns and platform risk of ChatGPT. At Omnifact, we've been ahead of this curve, focusing on what really matters for businesses: privacy, flexibility, and control.

Understanding the New ChatGPT Team Plan

OpenAI's ChatGPT Team plan introduces a new subscription tier that brings admin tools for team management and shared GPTs across the workspace. It's a step towards making OpenAI's products more accessible for business and team environments. However, as it unfolds, we're curious to see how it shapes up in the dynamic landscape of AI-driven business solutions.

Why Omnifact Stands Out

At Omnifact, our approach has been to tailor AI solutions that resonate with the core needs of businesses from the start. We believe in a world where technology serves as an empowering partner, safeguarding your data while seamlessly integrating into your workflows. Our advanced data masking and customizable content filtering ensure that sensitive information never leaves the sanctity of your infrastructure. Unlike solutions that bind you to a specific vendor, Omnifact offers the freedom to choose your preferred Large Language Model (LLM) provider, with support for Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude, and Mistral AI, in addition to all of OpenAI's models. This vendor independence, coupled with the flexibility to either use Omnifact as a cloud-hosted SaaS or deployed on-premise in your infrastructure, places the power back into your hands.

Business-Oriented AI Solutions Are Here to Stay

Today's announcement by OpenAI is a clear indication that the industry is waking up to the potential of AI in the business domain. It's reassuring to see others join the path Omnifact has been pioneering. The corporate and business AI space is maturing, and this move by OpenAI underlines the validity of our vision at Omnifact.

Why Omnifact is the Better Choice For Teams

With our strong privacy-first approach, vendor independence, and robust enterprise support, Omnifact isn’t just an alternative – it's a step ahead in the realm of business-focused generative AI solutions. For companies looking for an AI partner that aligns with their privacy needs, offers complete control over their data, and provides a GDPR-compliant solution, Omnifact is the go-to choice. Don't commit to OpenAI's ChatGPT Team plan before giving Omnifact a try. Experience the benefits of a team-focused generative AI tool, designed with your business's security and autonomy in mind. Schedule a demo today to get started.

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