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The Privacy-First ChatGPT Alternative For Your Business

Give your team access to the power of ChatGPT without losing control over your data.

GDPR Compliant
Omnifact Chat Interface

A Better ChatGPT Experience — Made For The Workplace

Omnifact Chat employs advanced data masking and customizable content filtering to make sure no sensitive or confidential information is shared with third-party providers such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, or Google.

  • Data Masking and
    Content Filtering

    We automatically mask sensitive information including personal details and company & product names. Customizable content filtering stops certain content, like source code or legal documents, from being shared.
  • Vendor Independent and
    On-Premise Hosting

    No more vendor lock-in. Bring the API key to your LLM provider of choice and we'll take it from there. Use Omnifact Chat as a cloud-hosted SaaS or deploy it on-premise for extra security.
  • Usage Insights and
    Cost Control

    Learn how your team is using generative AI through anonymized prompt and conversation analytics. Limit usage through per-user quotas or monthly budgets for total control over costs.

What Makes Omnifact the Better AI for Business?

Privacy-first and made for business
Enforces AI usage policies and guidelines
Sensitive data is never shared with third-parties
Made in Germany and GDPR compliant
Works with any LLM provider
Unified billing for your whole team
Real-time analytics and usage insights
Customizable content filtering
Customer support & product training

Ready to Empower Your Team With Omnifact?

Go ahead and block ChatGPT in your firewall, a better alternative is here. Your team will thank you.

GDPR Compliant
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