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Make Your Organization's Knowledge Accessible

Transform your internal documents and data sources into secure, interactive AI assistants that make your organization's knowledge accessible and actionable.

GDPR Compliant
Stylized image of the Omnifact Spaces interface showing a chat where a user asks a custom AI assistant called "Banking Assistant" about responsibility for ESG compliance in loan evaluations. The Assistant gives a useful reply, referencing their processes and risk management documents.
An illustration showing a chat bubble with a question about recent regulatory changes for savings accounts and a reply listing Q1 2024 updates: adjusted interest rate caps, new transaction reporting rules, revised deposit insurance limits, and stricter ID processes for account management.

Truthful Answers from
Internal Documents

No more digging through countless documents for the needed answer. Using our corporate RAG pipeline, Omnifact finds the needle in the haystack, giving you factual answers based on your data that allow you to make better decisions.

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Instant Insights,
Not Endless Searches

Traditional searches often lead to endless result pages that users need to sift through manually. Omnifact delivers concise and accurate responses combining information from many documents, through a single, intuitive chat interface — one Space at a time.

An illustration of a simplified web interface with two overlapping speech bubbles. The first bubble contains a question mark, indicating a question or inquiry, and the second bubble contains a checkmark, suggesting a response or confirmation.

Secure, Compliant,
and Independent

Maintaining privacy and compliance is key, especially when connecting your internal data. In addition to Omnifact's GDPR compliance and vendor independence, Spaces can operate entirely within your infrastructure for absolute security or in the cloud for ease of use.

Circular flowchart showing the interaction between three departments: Management at the top, Marketing to the left, and Sales to the right. Each department is represented by a person's photo with bidirectional arrows indicating collaboration among them. In the center of the flowchart is the Omnifact logo, signifying that Omnifact Spaces helps with collaboration.

Empower Every Team
With Tailored Expertise

Spaces allows any team or department to create and manage their own Spaces without needing specialized technical skills. Foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration across your entire organization.

Turn Your Documents into AI-Powered Assistants

Say goodbye to traditional search and hello to AI-powered knowledge retrieval.

Your team will wonder how they ever managed without.

GDPR Compliant
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