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Omnifact is the privacy-first generative AI platform made for the workplace. Give your team access to generative AI while maintaining control over your data.

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A Generative AI Platform
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Level-up your business with Omnifact's secure, enterprise-grade generative AI platform, designed to boost productivity, streamline knowledge management, and drive innovation while prioritizing data security and privacy.

Why Our Customers
Love Omnifact

I'm particularly impressed with how Omnifact supports me in creating concepts - the increase in efficiency and the positive feedback from my target group is remarkable. As a knowledge base, Omnifact is extremely valuable and has proven to be a first-class replacement for google. I particularly appreciate the reliable quality of the answers and the security-compliant use.
Marco Bücher
IT Solution Architect at S-Kreditpartner
Marco Bücher
What I find brilliant about Omnifact: I don't have to worry so much about personal data. The ease of switching between language models, such as GPT-4 and Claude 3, is a bonus that I wouldn't want to give up! This allows me to get even better results.
Dennis Tröger
CTO at Histack
Dennis Tröger
Omnifact has completely changed how I work with LLMs from various providers. More importantly, Spaces has become indispensable for my software engineering team, helping us share and enforce code conventions seamlessly. The platform's versatility and reliability have significantly boosted our productivity, making our work faster and more efficient than ever before.
Christian Nau
Lead Engineer at Rocketloop
Christian Nau
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Mistral AI

Secure, Flexible, and
Vendor-Independent AI Solutions

Omnifact is committed to privacy and security, ensuring GDPR compliance with both cloud-hosted and on-premise deployment options. Our vendor-independent platform allows you to choose from a variety of language models, giving you the flexibility to leverage AI's potential while maintaining complete control over your data.

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