OpenAI's new flagship model, GPT-4o, is now available on Omnifact.

OpenAI's new flagship model, GPT-4o, is now available on Omnifact.

Feature Drop: Introducing GPT-4o

Published on May 13th, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that starting today with its official release, OpenAI’s newest AI model GPT-4o is now available on the Omnifact platform. This powerful addition further expands our suite of supported models, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution for all your AI needs.

GPT-4o: More Power, Less Cost, Faster Results

GPT-4o is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo. It delivers superior performance across a wide range of tasks, including text generation, reasoning, and coding. What sets GPT-4o apart is its ability to achieve these results at half the cost and with faster response times compared to GPT-4 Turbo. This makes GPT-4o ideal for users who want to leverage high-quality AI capabilities while optimizing their budget and efficiency.

Experience the Benefits of GPT-4o on Omnifact

Starting today, GPT-4o is readily accessible on the Omnifact platform. We believe this model will provide our users with a comprehensive and scalable AI model that can help them achieve their goals more quickly and affordably. On a lighthearted note, we find it fitting that the "o" in GPT-4o stands for "omni" – a perfect match for our platform. To experience the benefits of GPT-4o firsthand, request a live demo today and discover how GPT-4o and Omnifact together can elevate your way of working.

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